Misconceptions about the BAC

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May 23, 2019
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Misconceptions about the BAC


In the past, questions have been raised towards the committee about how it operates and the purpose of its existence. This post was created to clear up common misconceptions about the committee in efforts to grow the strength of the local arts community.


1) The committee was created by the City of Barrie.

False, the BAC was formed by local community members interested in devoting and advocating their time towards local Barrie Artists. Through involvement, the committee has successfully gained a rapport with the city’s Creative Economy Department allowing for the access to specific City of BarrieĀ (COB) amenities.

2) Committee members are paid by the COB.

False, members of the BAC act on a volunteer basis. Any work or time spent towards committee affairs is donated as service towards the community.


3) Where does the BAC receive its funding to operate?

Though we are not paid by the COB, we have been granted access to annual funding that is dedicated to giving back to the local arts community. This allows members of the BAC to make executive decisions on where money should be allocated towards local artists. Such allocations include this website, hosting events for artists, support for local arts initiatives, and a variety of other investments purposed solely for the promotion of the arts.


These are all questions that we, as a committee, are proud to answer with confidence. Our purpose is always to advocate for local Barrie artists and to make sure their questions, concerns, and best interests are met within the community. If you ever have any questions for the committee please feel free to send us an email atĀ barrieartscommittee@gmail.com



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